Getting Started

How to find the right donor sperm

Our Patient Support Team can help make finding a donor easy.

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    Visit the online catalogue 

    View donor characteristics that matter to you, such as ancestry, education, occupation and medical history. Gain further insights by purchasing access to Extended Donor Profiles.

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    Choose your donor

    Our Patient Support Team can guide you in choosing the right sample for your treatment needs as specified by your clinic. If you need support to decide on number of vials needed or suitable shipping arrangements, don’t hesitate to ask!

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    Place your order

    You can complete your purchase online, or by email or fax. Your specimen will be shipped to your physician. Our team is here to help if you have any questions.

Get detailed profiles of Canadian donors


The basic search option for the catalogues provides a preview of each donor.  To learn more about candidates, Extended Profiles for Canadian donors can be purchased for a 90-day access period ($60 CAD).  Once you create your account, you will have access to all available extended profiles for the full 90-day period.

What’s included in Extended Profiles?

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  • Temperment Report

    Review an unbiased, scientifically designed analysis of a donor’s personality traits (character and temperament).

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  • Donor Essay

    Read an essay from the donor describing their motivations for becoming a donor, their personal background and life details. 

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  • Donor Likeness Photographs

    See a collection of images that give you a sense of the donor’s features, such as eyes, nose, ears, chin and body shape. 

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  • Audio Recordings

    Hear the donor’s own voice while they answer questions about themselves, his donation experience and motivations, and other interesting details.

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  • Staff Impressions

    See observations from Origin staff written after meeting the donor. While brief, these important notes help outline a donor’s characteristics. 

Purchasing access to the Extended Donor Profiles (Canadian donors only) allows you to view information for all Canadian donors currently available in the catalogue. Access to donor information is for a limited time.


Please view the Samples provided above for components for a preview of the type of information you will access. Not all individual components are available for each donor. Before purchasing access, be sure to check the Additional Information section of the donor catalogue page to see which components are available for your shortlist of donors.

Photographs may be limited, in some instances. The number of photographs available for each donor varies. Although we do our best to provide you with the highest quality photographs, some of these images come from older scans and are lower quality.


Canadian donor samples are guaranteed to comply with Canadian Semen Regulations. These health and safety measures ensure the well-being of the recipient and the offspring and limit the transmission of infectious diseases. Every effort is made to verify the medical history of prospective donors by requesting a copy of their medical records. Screening for genetic conditions is also done according to best practices. An accurate depiction of the donor’s physical traits is always available. Other elements of the donor profile vary and may be subjective in nature and more difficult to confirm.