Why Choose Origin?

You can be confident that you’ll find the right donor sperm for the family you’re creating.

Truly diverse catalogues 

Origin offers a diverse group of donors from our Canadian catalogue and imported donor catalogue. Select from a wide array of attributes related to ancestry, ethnicity, physical features and temperament to find the perfect match for the characteristics you’re seeking.

A recognized provider of Canadian donor sperm

Origin actively recruits Canadian donors, as they are sought as an important option for family building. We adhere to the rigorous sperm donation standards set out by Health Canada, ensuring highly ethical and safe practices.  

Proven reputation as Canada’s premier sperm bank

Since 1991 (formerly operating as ReproMed Ltd.), Origin Sperm Bank has been the Canadian leader in sperm bank services, with a long-standing reputation for safety, quality, compliance and efficient distribution.

Trusted for safety and quality

To ensure only the safest sperm samples, Origin meets or exceeds the strictest guidelines outlined by the Safety of Sperm and Ova Regulations. We screen for multiple diseases and genetic disorders such as Cystic Fibrosis, Tay-Sachs, thalassemia, and sickle cell anemia. We request medical records of each donor prior to acceptance. As an experienced processor of sperm, we endeavour to ensure every specimen is to the requirements to support successful treatment. 

Compliant with Health Canada without exception

We’re licensed as processor, distributor, importer and exporter of human semen for assisted reproduction and are fully compliant with the Safety of Sperm and Ova Regulations. Our facilities, sample documentation, practices and procedures are completely inspected every year by Health Canada and we proudly maintain our Compliant rating.

Logistical excellence

Our Origin team respects and understands that every patient wishes to receive their selected donor sperm as efficiently as possible. Through our decades of experience in providing donor sperm to support fertility treatments, we have developed unmatched expertise in distribution to destinations across Canada – from urban to remote. We are trusted by fertility practitioners to ensure specimens arrive on-time for your treatment needs.